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Knitting September 2, 2008

A comprehensive list of my knitting patterns, tutorials, and finished projects.  In case you were wondering. 🙂

Patterns for Sale

resized_Danu 1 - Copy Danu Socks, published in Yarn Forward #26
113_5310 (2) (100x93) Lunaria Hooded Scarf and Mitts, published in the Knit Picks’ Independent Designer Program
IMG_5006 (87x100) Salmon Run, published in the Knit Picks’ Independent Designer Program
Salzburg YF [320x200] Salzburg Socks, published in Yarn Forward #14
resized_IMG_0594 Sitka, published in the Knit Picks’ Independent Designer Program
resized_Consummate V 04 - Copy  A Skein of Geese, published by The Sanguine Gryphon Summer 2010
Now available for purchase on Ravelry

Free Patterns


Arthurian Anklets  Arthurian Anklets
000_0108 bw Bubble Stream
100_4123 [320x200] Crystalline Socks
Danube Socks Danube Socks
javaBEAUTY (100x126) Java, published in Knitty Winter 2011
Glass Slipper 4 - Copy Glass Slipper Socks, published in Knotions Fall ’09
Grand Tetons Socks Grand Tetons Socks
101_4363 [320x200] Lacy Spring Socks
Shenandoah Socks Shenandoah Socks
100_3854 [320x200] Socks, circa 2008


Gloves, Mittens, Fingerless Things

Albuquerque Fingerless Gloves Albuquerque Fingerless Gloves
small_100_3885 Cabobble Mittens
Snoqualmie Point Mittens and Cailyn 014 [800x600] [320x200] Cruiser Mittens
Lakeside Gloves Lakeside Gloves
Snowflake Fingerless Gloves Snowflake Fingerless Gloves
100_3825 2 [320x200] Wintergreen Gloves
WRX Close Up Small WRX Driving Gloves


IMG_2483 [320x200] Fireflake Hat


100_3931 [320x200] Emily’s Scarf
102_4869 Logi


Things that Defy Categories

100_2842 [320x200] Felted Catnip Mouse




000_0042 [320x200] Afterthought Lifeline
Backwards Loop Cast On Backwards Loop Cast On 
Cast Offs Pt 1 Comparing Cast Offs for Stretchiness, Pt 1
Cast Offs Pt 2 Comparing Cast Offs for Stretchiness, Pt 2
100_4106 [320x200] Counting Rows with Stitch Markers
Untitled3 - Copy Intarsia Multi-Directional Scarf
115_5419 (2) (100x73) Purl Cast On
100_4077 [320x200] Purling Through the Back Loop (p tbl)
RLinc and LLinc Right & Left Leaning Lifted Increases
100_4061 [320x200] Self Striping Yarn Dyeing
small_102_4777 Seamless Short Row Shoulder Caps
100_3355 [320x200] Twisted Stitches Without a Cable Needle
Twisted Stitches Vikkel Braid
Weaving In Ends Weaving in Ends While Knitting


115_5473 (100x75) Turning a Batt into Rolags

Finished Projects

Breeze Socks Early Projects
IMG_2225 Estes Vest
102_4775 Central Park Hoodie

4 Responses to “Knitting”

  1. Linda Tytko Says:

    I think your patterns are great keep it up! thanks for the tutorials.

    Thanks! I’ll try to keep coming up with interesting tutorials too!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I was trying to get the pattern for the wintergreen gloves/mitts but the pattern does not come up when I click the link. Will it be available again in the future?

    Thank you, Stephanie

    I don’t know exactly what happened- it looks like the server ate the post about the gloves. It’s fixed now! Sorry for the trouble.

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