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Better Late Than Never October 27, 2008

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Um.  I’m a bit late with this post, aren’t I?


I did finish the Estes Vest, although I was too optimistic about finishing it all on Tuesday night.  I was still doing that i-cord trim well into Wednesday night.  I went out and took pictures on Thursday, sans buttons.


100_3916    100_3914

All finished! Ignore the incredibly dorky look on my face- I’m looking into the sun and aren’t sure when the shutter was going to go. (Sun in eyes + small flashing red light = no idea what the camera is doing.)  I really love the contrasting trim, even though (as Lowell can verify) I was really regretting my choice when I started.  The trim is curling pretty aggressively at the bottom/corners.  I’m hoping that another blocking will help that (in real water this time, not steam!)  I know that I can’t make the curl go away completely, but I hope I can to lessen it. 


I just have to find some good buttons for it now.  I know I said I’d like to make the buttons, but I tried that on Thursday and nothing I made seemed, well, any good.  Which seems to describe the whole last week, truth be told.


My sister asked for a scarf for the holidays.  (I have two sisters, both younger.  The other one asked for some of these shopping bags.)  Easy, I thought!  I’ve never knit a scarf; I went straight from Calorimetry to socks.  Mainly, I just don’t wear scarves, so I didn’t bother to knit one.  But it’s not like scarves are that hard to knit, right?  It seems to me, scarves are pretty much three steps:


Step 1: Pick yarn.

Step 2: Pick stitch pattern.

Step 3: Knit until yarn runs out.


So, I picked the yarn.  I picked a stitch pattern.  And I started to knit.  For about three inches.  Then I decided that the pattern wasn’t really… good.  So, pick new stitch pattern.  Knit three inches.  Look critically at pattern.  Frog.  Pick new stitch pattern.  Knit three inches.  Look critically at pattern.  Frog.  Throw yarn across room to impress upon it the importance of listening to the artist.  Take a deep breath and try again.  And again.  And again.


I’ve been knitting for days… and I have nothing to show for it!  I’ve frogged everything I’ve done so far.  This scarf is seriously starting to weigh me down.  I really should have taken a picture of all the various attempts at scarfage, but I was far too annoyed at having to frog again to pull out the camera and go up to the light box.  I kept saying, once I figure out this pattern, I’ll post about the scarf on my blog.  Of course, I still haven’t gotten it figured out.  But,  I think I’m finally getting closer.  I’m at least running out of stitches to try.  Stupid scarf.


2 Responses to “Better Late Than Never”

  1. Cobbalicious Says:

    I hope your yarn knits into as good a vest for me as it did for you. 🙂

  2. […] knitter thought that the fairy was very smart.  The knitter carefully ignored the unworn vest in her closet.  She didn’t like vests and never had.  No amount of “science” could […]

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