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CPH in Action December 5, 2009

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I finished the Central Park Hoodie (sans hood) the night before we left for Virginia.  In fact, I was still picking the basting thread out at the airport!  (Not intentionally, I just missed a few stitches and then some scraps stuck to the wool.)  I wore it everywhere in VA and it was quite the conversation piece.


Needs more coffee.  Also shown in this picture, 25% of my dad and 1/2 of Lowell’s face.
A glance at the back, with a nice shot of my knitting bag too.  Up ahead is my mom and her friend then it’s my grandmother and me.  We’re walking through the sculpture garden in DC.
The documentation of the Exchange of the Jade Dragon.  The Jade Dragon reveals the path to the secret treasure when held facing east on the last full moon of the year- oh wait, I’ve said too much.
Look at our cool, cool glasses.  You know you’re jealous.


I’m very, very pleased with how the CPH turned out.  I’ll write more about the mods I made and how they turned out when I have a chance to take some pictures with something other than my cell phone.  I think I have pictures of the zipper-sewing which really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  For now, though, I’m going to don my CPH and help Lowell put up the Christmas lights.  We’re horribly behind the rest of the neighborhood.


2 Responses to “CPH in Action”

  1. I like your blue CPH! I’m planning on wearing my yellow one today!

  2. Looks great, Laura! It’s a wearable, fashionable, piece of art.

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