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Purling tbl March 25, 2009

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I thought I had made an awesome discovery about short row heels.  Turns out I haven’t.  Or maybe I have, but I can’t duplicate the results, so in the end it’s the same thing.  Very disappointing, since I spent the last two hours trying to unvent my own “mistake” and failing miserably.  So instead of an awesome short row heel tutorial, I’m going to put up something certainly less interesting and probably less useful.


Purling through the back loop is a lost skill, I think.  Rarely, if ever, does a pattern request that you purl through the back loop.  The only ones I’ve found, really, have been twisted stitch patterns that are worked flat, like the heel flap of my Socks (circa 2008,) where the twisted purl stitch on the wrong side shows as a twisted knit stitch on the right side.  Purling through the back loop is also useful for the occasional unintended twisted purl stitch, like the ones I always get when I have to rip out and then put ribbing back on my needles.  Instead of having to move the stitch to untwist it, I can just purl it through the back loop.  It’s a small time-saver, but I like it.


Go behind the stitch with the right needle and insert the needle into the stitch from the back.


Wrap the yarn as usual and pull through the stitch.



Easy as pie!  Mmm, pie…


5 Responses to “Purling tbl”

  1. […] Knit TBL:  Knit through the back loop. On WS rows, purl through the back loop. […]

  2. Sherri Says:

    Purl in Back:
    Thanks so much for posting this. I am making a pair of lacey Gloves that call for purling in back and couldn’t figure out how to do it. The way I was doing it was just a knit in back I knew that wasn’t right.

    Thanks Again

  3. Janice Says:

    Thanks so very much. I’m knitting a lace scarf, Vogue Pattern and also could not figure this out for the life of me. Your instructions were perfect…so on to my ptbl. ( actuallyPW2 tbl). I figured out the double wrap.

  4. Joyce Says:

    Wonderful! I can only knit continental and was very pleased to see this tutorial.

  5. kdwisni Says:

    Am working the Sheepfold Cable that calls for Left Twists on the right side of work (no problem) and also on the Wrong Side (big problem) because you skip the first stitch and then purl the second TBL and then purl the first. What a mess!

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