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Pencily! July 28, 2011

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A few days ago, I got a package in the mail from Millie.  Inside was a black sheep finger puppet, and a sheep-shaped pencil case.  I knew I had to bring the pencil case to the Sock Summit, because when you squeeze its face, it’s eyes pop out:

IMG_5172   IMG_5173


He’s been a big hit here.  He’s holding my needles and scissors and things, but mainly he’s been jumping into my pictures.  So, here’s introducing Pencily!


His mother named him Pencily, he says, because she loved to make pencil roving.  But I think it’s because he’s got a zipper in his back to hold pencils.  He’s easily surprised and stressed out, but he loves to relax with long rides in a dark bag.


He took the train down to Portland with me yesterday and we met our new friend Kristina at the station.  Then we all went to the convention center to register under the dragon boat.  He appreciated that no one looked at him like he was out of place and some even offered to hold him for a better picture!  But he’s very self-conscious about his zipper in photos.




Here’s Pencily with the stitch markers (for swapping) that I decided suddenly to make the night before I left.  They’re made from leftovers from my chainmaille jewelry.




Pencily even helped me knit during the Opening Ceremony.





Although he sat out during the flash mob practice.




The marketplace overwhelmed him a little…




So he took a little rest at the Paradise Fibers booth.



What will happen to Pencily tomorrow?


3 Responses to “Pencily!”

  1. Millie Says:

    I am so glad Pencily is having a great time with you. He was very depressed and unhappy at the store where I found him stuck on a bottom shelf hiding from everyone who came it. What luck he made it to you in time for the Sock Summit!

  2. jax blanchette Says:

    Hey! I was wondering where i could by a penciy for myself!?

  3. Jax and Rose Says:


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