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Gallery June 5, 2008

Want to see all (or at least some) of the projects I’ve made before my life as a blogger? These gallery pages are sort of a work-in-progress as I find and photograph my old stuff. I’ve gone through quite a few “phases”- wait, the artistic word is “periods” right? Okay, I’ve gone through “periods” in my crafting career, some more successful or fun than others. Like my scrapbooking period; that didn’t turn out so well, there are no pictures of that. I didn’t really enjoy it, but that might change. However, my crochet period was lots of fun and produced many warm cuddlies. Maybe these pictures will prove my crafting chops or maybe they’ll just give you pretty pictures to look at or maybe they’ll give you something to laugh at. Depends on the project, I suppose!

Chainmaille Gallery

Sculpey Gallery

Engraving Gallery

Knitting Gallery

Crochet Gallery

Beadwork Gallery

Unique Projects Gallery


2 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Lynn Durfy Says:

    I have one of your lovely chainmaille bracelets . I wore it for years and it needed a repair, which you promptly did for me, thank you !!!

    Wore it again for YEARS ( without ever taking it off ) and sadly, it needs to be repaired again. I would like to contact to you for having it fixed ( its my absolute fav ) so could you please contact me . I have your card, from Snow Lake Studios. but no phone number .

    Thank you !!

  2. Hi, I like Your socks!!

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