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Java January 16, 2011

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I can’t tell you how happy I am.  After many tries, I finally made it into Knitty with my socks, Java!



I hinted at these socks back in March of 2010.  They were designed during one of my “ribbing periods.”  That’s a (short) length of time where I am obsessed with ribbing.  I think that it’s the bee’s knees.  I think that ribbing is misunderstood.  I think that it will change the face of knitting as we know it.  This usually passes when I remember that, in general, I don’t enjoy actually knitting ribbing.  But, often after a complicated project, I crave the predictability of a ribbed pattern.  Lucky for these socks, the ribbing period coincided with a desire to design men’s socks.  I thought to myself, “What’s more classic than a ribbed dress sock?”


Java Socks 01  IMG_2351


Then the other, bitter part of me said (in a voice like Tim Gunn), “Classic means it’s been done to death.”

With that less-than-helpful advice in my head, I tried to find a balance between interesting and “classic.”  When I was first dating Lowell, he described his criteria for clothes to me.  He told me that colors and bold patterns mattered less than the close-up textures- the small details that weren’t obvious from a distance.  I thought about that idea while I worked on these socks.  I wanted to stick with the spirit of a plain dress sock but to play around with the details.  So these socks have a little caffeinated wiggle every other rib.  From a distance the wiggles look like regular k2 ribs, but the texture is great up close.  Fun to knit, too.  And the gusset isn’t just patterned- the decreases aren’t normal either.  Also, I kept the pattern going down the toes because, well, why not?  Plain toes are no fun!




Java Socks in NC 2010-11-28 014 (1024x768)  Java Socks in NC 2010-11-28 036 (1024x768)


I had plenty of fun knitting Java, which is good, because I knit it twice!  Which I suppose is really four times, since there are two socks in each pair.  The men’s pair is made with String Theory Blue Stocking.  I loved working with that yarn.  It has great stitch definition (always a priority for me) and is still soft and lofty.  They’re modeled by Lowell in our kitchen, who was a really good sport about the photo shoot.  The women’s pair is made with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock which is always a great sock yarn.  The women’s size is modeled by my sister Katie and taken at 3 Cups in Chapel Hill, NC.  They were really nice to let us photograph there (and they only gave us a few funny looks).  Good coffee, too!


Java Socks in NC 2010-11-28 003 (800x1024)


I am over the moon about this.  I think Java is a great pattern and I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I did.


Java Socks in NC 2010-11-28 012 (1024x768)  Java Socks in NC 2010-11-28 017 (1024x768) 


Java Socks 05  IMG_2366


If you’ve just hopped over from Knitty and haven’t been here before, welcome!  Check out the blue menu (top right) for illustrated lists of projects, tutorials, and patterns; the green sidebars have tags and archives, etc.  Enjoy!


Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go drool over the rest of this issue!


17 Responses to “Java”

  1. Tina Says:

    How exciting for you and what a great pattern. Congratulations!

  2. StephCat Says:

    congrats! love these.

  3. Norahann Says:

    Thanks! So glad you kept trying!! These socks are amazing! I cannot wait to start knitting them!!!!

  4. SallyT Says:

    Love the sock! I need to add it to my list.

  5. Nice socks, and I have just the yarn for them….

  6. Penandra Says:

    I found your blog through the Knitty pattern (and found that because a friend sent me a link to a different Knitty pattern). I cannot wait to try these socks. I do not have any brown sock yarn at home (and I’m not a coffee drinker), but I do have some dark brown/beige/offwhite variegated — so I’m thinking I can call mine “tea leaves”??? 😉 I think that I’m feeling a bit feverish and should probably go home and lie down on the couch with a cuppa’ and my knitting needles . . . don’t you think!?!?! I cannot wait to try your technique . . . Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  7. mauri Says:

    congrats! That is a great pattern! I have yet to try socks as I’m afraid I will join in with the other 95% of the knitting world in the obsession with them… that said.. Java may just be the first socks I knit. They look wonderful- love the ribbing.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Man, those look like comfy warm socks. It’s going to hit -30 degrees in MN tonight, which means I’ll be bringing a hot water bottle to bed tonight to keep my feet warm. No doubt socks like yours would be more effective and stylish!

  9. Lisa Says:

    I saw your pattern in “Knitty” wow!! congratulations!! I love those socks, they’re on my Ravlery “to-do” list, thanks for sharing!

  10. kimkrafty Says:

    Congratulations on your sock pattern being published. I’m looking forward to knitting Java when I find the right yarn for it.

  11. Bittami Says:

    Amazing socks – and I’m going to knit these soon. Glad they came on Knitty, or else I’ve not seen them:-) And… if my English is bad, it’s just because I’m from Norway:-)

    Your English is great! I’m glad you like the pattern, and believe me, I’m glad they got in Knitty too!

  12. Koren Says:

    I’m halfway through knitting these for my FIL, and love the pattern. My husband wants some too!

    Nice! I designed them to be male-friendly, but it’s great to hear that men actually want them!

  13. I love these socks!!! and I love the description… enough to keep you awake not enough to make you jittery. I’m very, very picky about my sock patterns, but I’m totally putting these in my queue!

    Thanks! I hope you enjoy knitting them!

  14. Serenknitity Says:

    Congratulations on the Java socks – they are gorgeous. I did love them at first glance in January – but have just re-visited them after Manic Purl’s podcast on the Winter Knitty. Now they are in my queue. And I’m a coffee addict – but I could give it up at any time (yeah, right).

    Oh yeah, I could totally give up coffee too. Totally. Thanks for pointing me towards the Manic Purl podcasts- I love listening to podcasts while I knit!

  15. […] nothing like my first idea, but it usually works out in the end.  The Wintergreen Gloves and Java were more in this […]

  16. Lian Says:

    Hi Cailyn, I just finished my first pair of socks – your gorgeous Java pattern. These socks were knitted in rooms, in cars, on planes from Perth to Canberra, the Gold Coast, Darwin, Truscott and Broome (all over Australia basically)! I knitted them for my boyfriend and learnt so much in the process. The first sock took 2 months, the second merely 2 weeks! Thanks for introducing me to knitting socks – I am now officially addicted.

    Glad I could get you hooked! Be careful- you’ll end up with a lot of sock yarn in your stash, but it’s all so pretty, who cares?

  17. Judith in Ottawa Says:

    Hi Cailyn! I’m planning to knit Java socks for my DH using GoodReader on my iPad to manage the pattern. By any chance do you have a version of the charts available in one piece each instead of three? On the iPad I can scroll and enlarge sections, so it would be more workable with one chart, although in the days of paper (i.e., last month) you totally would have had me at “ScotchTape”.


    It’s funny how sometimes things were easier with paper! I will email you to follow up on this- although I wish I could use GoodReader on my Android! Sigh.


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