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Design Process March 18, 2010

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I made it!  I finished up the sock pattern marathon Monday afternoon.  These socks are now in the Witness Protection Program:




Now there’s nothing left to do but wait to hear back from Knitty.


With that finished, it’s time to move on to the next project.  But I don’t know what that is.  For the first time in a long time, I don’t have a design idea waiting in the wings, desperate for its time to shine.  Oh, I have UFOs (unfinished objects), certainly.  Who doesn’t?  I guess I could work on them.  If I wanted to.  None of the UFOs are things that I plan on publishing through the blog or elsewhere.  (They’re things like felted slippers and such.)  It’s hard to consider yourself a “designer” if you’re not actively designing.  Which means-


It’s time to go through my “New Design Questionnaire!”

1) Lace, cables, knit/purl, or color work?  (This narrows down which stitch dictionaries to look in.)

2) Which yarn would work best for this?  (It’s surprising just how often this yarn is not in my substantial stash.)

3) Should this design be simple or complex? (I don’t know why I ask this, I always choose complex.)

4) Will this design have an unusual construction? (Like an afterthought sole or a hat made with short rows.)

5) Will this design be a sock, hat, gloves, etc? (You’d think this question would be at the beginning, but no.  Often I come up with an idea, then find the best finished object that it’s suited to.)


After carefully considering the answers to the above questions, I will then proceed to throw them out one at a time as “ugly” or “too fiddly” or “not possible under the current laws of physics.”  And then I will end up with something completely different than what I started with. 


That’s how Crystalline


and Glass Slippers

glass slippers


among others (like the blurred socks above) were created.


I guess I’d better go get out the lace stitch dictionaries so that I can design a cabled sock…


2 Responses to “Design Process”

  1. Love the design on those bottom socks. They’re just made for walking around the house without slippers on!

  2. […] hinted at these socks back in March of 2010.  They were designed during one of my “ribbing periods.”  That’s a (short) length […]

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