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Rush to the Finish March 10, 2010

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The next deadline for submissions to Knitty is March 15.  Yes, Monday.  I can’t show you the submission that I’m working on, but this is the yarn I’m using.  I’m loving it.


I have the heel, gusset, and foot of a 10” sock to knit so that I can take publication-quality pictures of the socks on Lowell’s feet.  Oh, yeah, and then I have to write, proof-read, and format the pattern for said socks.  Not to mention write the introduction for the pattern, my bio, and the “cover letter” email.  Before end of day Monday.


Oh, did I mention that I’m going out of town this weekend for our anniversary?  (6 years, woo!)


Can I do it?


I think I can, so long as I don’t royally screw up.  It’s kind of an easy pattern, so I think that’s unlikely— Uh oh.  I shouldn’t have said that. 


Maybe I should get back to knitting now.


4 Responses to “Rush to the Finish”

  1. Millie Says:

    Hope you didn’t realize that March 15th was the Ides of March! I do hope you made it (and wish I could see the photos…. oh well).

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  3. […] I wanted it to be done.  (This was also about the time that I realized the Knitty deadline was so close.)  So, I settled for the rounder fashion clips, snipped off the extra material with heavy-duty […]

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