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Filigree Barrettes June 8, 2008

I love making these barrettes. When I first thought that I would start my own crafting business, this was what I thought I would make. They use a technique called filigree and it’s very free-form and relaxing. I used a clay gun to extrude thin strands of clay; by layering different colors in the gun barrel, you can extrude variegated strands. Anyone who’s used one of those guns knows that they’re hard on your hands. I found a simple solution from a tip online: Place the gun on the floor with the plunger facing down. Put on some shoes, and put your feet on the little handles, and push. Easy clay extrusion! Just be careful about cat hair. 😉 I used a black “blank” that I created for the backing. I would roll out a large piece of black clay in the pasta machine and use templates that I cut out of index cards. Then I would attach the barrette, bake the blank, and when I was ready to use it, I would coat it with TLS. After the filigree was complete, I covered the ugly edges with a coordinating piece of clay (also extruded.) Bake, seal, deliver!


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