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Fantasy Chess Set June 8, 2008

When I was going to spend my first Christmas with DH’s family, I decided that I needed to make something spectacular so that they would like me. I mean, so that DH would get something great looking. He loves chess and we both love fantasy, so I made him a handmade fantasy chess set! Instead of black and white, the set uses gold and silver. I even bought an unfinished pine box and painted a gold/silver chessboard on top so that the pieces could sit inside. The guy above is the gold king dragon, clutching a shard of green glass and sitting on a flattened marble of yellow glass. The silver king looks as identical as I could make them.

Queen dragon, sitting on a rocky ledge. I tried to make her seem very fierce.

Silver rook. See the little door and vines? The gold side has a different door and more arrow slits, no vines.

Silver pawn. I couldn’t think of something that looked awesome but that I could also make 16 of. I think I went through 10 different ideas before setting on this one. The gold pawn has the stripe going the other way.

Silver knight. Knights like treasure, right? The gold side has gold treasure.

Silver bishop. This is White Mage from Final Fantasy. Her staff has a clear glass shard on top.

Gold bishop. This is Black Mage from Final Fantasy. His staff has a yellow glass shard on top.


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