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Family Portrait Mug December 13, 2010

This was a really fun project.  My father-in-law wanted a “family portrait” of his siblings and parents, where each person is represented by their favorite animal.  Seven animals total and an ark to house them, all on an blue 12 oz glass mug.  It was fun to design, although I’m not sure now why the moose has spots and I was never very happy with the bird.  What made this project slightly maddening was that I engraved sixteen of these mugs.  Sixteen.  Each mug required tracing the pattern onto the glass and then tracing over that with the Dremel.  That means I traced the pattern a total of thirty-two times.  It was almost a year before I could stand to even look at one of these mugs again.  I have flashbacks whenever I see one in my in-laws’ cupboard.  But I do like the way the elephant came out.





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