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Engraving Gallery June 11, 2008

I used to do weak acid etching on glass using Armour Etch and contact paper. By making a mask from the contact paper and brushing on the acid, I made a few drinking glasses and votives in high school and college.  Then I made Lowell buy me a Dremel rotary tool, just before our wedding.  I had read about them in my favorite magazine at the time, Bead & Button, which talked about reaming out beads or buffing metal clay pendants. I love this thing!  It does so much, from actual engraving to polishing polymer clay and metal to normal handyman tasks.  I engraved everything I could get my hands on after I got the Dremel. I love engraving; not many people do it this way and everyone’s always impressed with a custom engraved gift.  I usually print out a design (usually clip art- I don’t draw well) and trace it onto the material with black or white transfer paper then follow those lines with my Dremel.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          D-Family-Mug-4

D-Celtic Claddagh Mug 2 D-Tree-of-Life-Flask D-Tempus Stein

 H-Dragon Oil Bottle D-Lupine Mug Detail H-Herb Oil Bottle Rosemary Twisp Coaster


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