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Dragonscale Bracelet June 5, 2008

I found the instructions for this weave in an old copy of Bead & Button that I had. This was the first time I’d ever heard about chainmaille. I didn’t try that project first, but it did start my love affair with the craft. Dragonscale is great, but it takes so many rings; this one uses 5 rings per row and I don’t want to even think about how many rows it ihas! It’s a challenging weave but the results are worth it, so slinky and smooth.


2 Responses to “Dragonscale Bracelet”

  1. profsaffel Says:

    What material (metal) did you use? I’ve made a similar bracelet from galvanized steel and copper (for the smaller rings).

  2. dailyskein Says:

    This one is all sterling silver. I’ve made other ones with small anodized niobium, enameled copper, or gold, but I usually used silver for the larger rings. I even started one that used rose and white gold… but it didn’t get to far before I realized that I’d never have the money to finish it! It became a pendant. 🙂

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