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Chainmaille Gallery June 5, 2008

From 2004 to 2008, I sold my chainmaille jewelry as Snow Lake Studios. Chainmaille is one of the most interesting crafts I’ve ever done. It’s highly addictive, kind of like knitting with metal. It’s worked with two pairs of pliers, one in each hand. (Sound familiar?) Small rings are opened and closed in a specific pattern (called a weave) to make a sheet or chain. It’s challenging, has tons of different weaves, and a variety of materials. I loved working in silver and aluminum (nice soft metals.) I dabbled in titanium and gold fill and sometimes stainless steel (so hard!) I stopped selling my chainmaille as a business because I was developing some tennis elbow from twisting the pliers all day everyday. I just couldn’t keep up production with my arm encased in ice for a few hours a day. I still love making chainmaille and I might still sell a few pieces. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from over the years. I’m happy to answer any questions about these projects. Click on the images to learn more about that piece.


3 Responses to “Chainmaille Gallery”

  1. Laura Says:

    These are impressive! I love surfing and finding the rare treasure of wonderful artisans such as yourself…you inspire new avenues of adventure for me and I’m sure many others and now I have to go surf some more to start yet another new interest–chainmail (like I NEED another interest!)it’ll be great for SCA. Oh yeah, and I found this by looking up sock patterns–And the Arthurian anklets are beautiful as well as aptly named (hubby did good). Thanks for posting and inspiring

  2. […] happened with knitting.  I was happily going along my merry way, making and selling chainmaille jewelry (which had the same process a few years earlier).   Then I saw someone’s beautiful […]

  3. jule Says:

    I am just beginning to learn to make chainmaille to add to my own jewelry creations. Yours are just gorgeous!

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