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It’s Here!! April 26, 2011

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My inkle loom finally arrived!!




It’s from Palmer Looms.  I was surprised at how small and lightweight it is.  I mean, I knew it was going to be small because it’s a mini loom, but 15 inches always seems bigger when you’re looking at a ruler.  Anyway, it can weave a band around 3 inches wide and 60 inches long, so it packs a lot on that little frame!


I tried a little weaving last night.  My warping tension is a little haphazard and I apparently missed a heddle towards the end.  I got tired of warping (I had a cat on my lap and it was awkward to keep tension when changing colors) so I ended up with a 14 warp band, which turned out to be really narrow!  It’s just a little over a quarter of an inch wide.




You can see how my tension was all off at the beginning- I wasn’t pulling the weft nearly tight enough.  But it improved pretty fast, I think!  I used some mercerized perle cotton embroidery thread for the band, just some DMC stuff that I picked up at the craft store.  I’m planning on going to Weaving Works to get some more weaving yarns this week, maybe some linen or silk or nylon.




Inkle bands are what’s called a “warp faced fabric.”  That means that you don’t see the weft (the strand that goes horizontal) at all- well, just a bit at the edges.  I used a white weft and you can see the little white bits up the sides of the band.  It also means that the work to create a pattern is done at while you’re warping the loom, so that step is really important!  I need to get better at it.  I started a new band with a more interesting pattern today, but messed up the warp at the end so that the design isn’t centered.  Oh well, it’s still pretty cool!




One Response to “It’s Here!!”

  1. Hi. I just found your blog by randomly searching inkle weaving, looking through the images and found that some photos of my weaving are here on your blog. Thanks for linking the photos to my Etsy shop. I also write a blog at It is all about my adventures in inkling and has a page for resources and uses for an inkle band that you might be interested in. I hope you enjoy your experiments on your new loom. I’d love to hear about how you think the loom works, as I am not familiar with that one. ~Annie

    I hope you don’t mind that I used your photos- they’re just so beautiful! Your blog is great too- I found it while I was researching inkle weaving. I hope I can make some bands even half so complex as yours. So far, I’ve missed a warp on each of my projects, despite careful counting. The worst is that I don’t notice until I’m a few inches in… But weaving is a lot of fun! I like the Palmer loom- it’s simple but works well from what I can tell. Small but sturdy!

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