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Some Random Things April 19, 2011

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1) I’m busy working on the sock for Tangled.  It’s encrusted with twisted-stitch cables, so it’s slow going compared to my last sock design, so I was starting to get worried about the deadline.  Then I remembered that I thought about that when I designed the sock- that’s why the sock has a mostly stockinette foot, to balance out the slow cuff and leg.  Less worried now.


2) I ordered an inkle loom from Palmer Looms.  I can’t wait for it to get here.


3) When I need to let my hands rest from knitting, I have been spinning up some fiber for a sample to see what spinning laceweight is like.  Yesterday I made this cute little skein.  It was… really fun.  Hard to describe fun.  But I really enjoyed it and I have a feeling I’d better learn to like lace knitting more or find a friend who does, because lots more laceweight spinning is in my future!


115_5552  115_5549


4) Looking back on that last thing, I can’t help thinking how fun it is to spin big fast yarns with a long draw.  Maybe I don’t need to get into lace knitting too much.


5) Either way, I’ve been designing a shawl on the side.  I’ve always wanted one and I’m not sure why.  Sure, they’re pretty, but would I ever use one?  Probably not.  But the urge has become to strong to resist.  I wasn’t thinking about knitting or spinning lace until I went to the library last week.  I found a giant book about Haapsalu lace shawls and in it’s stitch dictionary, I found the lace pattern that I have always wanted.




6) It’s going to be a rectangular shawl with scalloped edging on the short sides.  Sort of like some of the shawls in Knitting Lace of Estonia.  I think the project will be relegated to the UFO (unfinished objects) bin if I try to pick up stitches all around it and knit a border.  I don’t think knitting a separate one and sewing it on has better odds either.


7) I’ve got to get back to knitting that sock now.


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