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Questionable Inspiration March 31, 2011

Filed under: Musings — Cailyn @ 8:30 pm

Last night I spilled a whole can’s worth of coconut milk in the oven.  Don’t ask.  Anyway, it took a lot of cleaning to even get it to the stage where I felt comfortable using the “self-clean” cycle on it.  And even then there was a ton of smoke!  I even had to remove the floor of the over to get at the worst of it, and like most things, getting the floor out was the easy part.  Getting it back in was much more annoying.  Ever notice that screwdrivers disappear when you need them and then when you find one, it’s the wrong kind?  What a morning.


When magazine and websites need designs, they put out a “call for submissions.”  This usually includes information like what the compensation is (how much they’ll pay for a design), how copyright is dealt with, who does the photography, and yarn support (if they’ll supply the yarn), etc.  Most important, though, is the information about what they want.  Some publications have a theme or themes in mind or certain fibers or yarns they want patterns for.  Sometimes they’re looking for types of patterns like sweaters or accessories or quick knits.  You get the idea.  Most often there are themes, which can range from “bulky and colorful” to “traditional with a modern flair” to “art deco.”  Obviously, as a designer, you pick and choose the themes you like or have ideas for.


I saw this in a call today:  “Bohemian meets Greek Goddess in this romantic theme with a 70’s vibe.”


I have absolutely no idea what that would look like.


3 Responses to “Questionable Inspiration”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    If you look at a Greek garment, it would be a rectangle with the top few inches dropped to the outside, then pinned at the shoulders. There was a lot of that dropped effect (and ruffled shawl collars) in the 30’s and 70’s, so I imagine that would be the springboard for the sweater’s inspiration, then use something like a fibrous forest green mixed with black for the boho effect.


    Hmm, well, I suppose that does make sense. That’s why I’m not a fashion designer and only do accessories- all these fashion references go right over my head!

  2. Joan Says:

    Whatever it ends up looking like, I bet there would be a natural home for it on Rose-Kim Knits’ “What the Hell Thursday” blog

    That’s a great blog! Some of those Thursday fashions are indeed mind-boggling!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    “Bohemian meets Greek Goddess in this romantic theme with a 70’s vibe.”

    Is that suppose to be a knit for him or her? Or is it for one person with a dual personality stuck back in the 70’s? Good luck.

    I dunno, would a guy want to wear something inspired by a Greek *goddess*? I’d vote for dual personality stuck in the 70’s with a pinch of narcissism too. I’m definitely skipping this publication!

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