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The Mystery of the Blue and Yellow Socks March 25, 2011

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I’ve been working really hard on a secret project.  I’m not sure why I was keeping it so secret.  Maybe I was worried about jinxing it.


Suzan, the owner of Barking Dog Yarns, asked me to design a pattern for her monthly Knit-A-Long (KAL).  This was around the end of February and I’m happy to say that the pattern is completely finished (bar the intro description which is always hard for me to write).  It will be the April KAL and you can join the group here on Ravelry if you want.  The pattern, Bubble Stream, will be just for the KAL until May when I’ll put it up here for free.


Suzan has a great set of colorways called “Opposites Attract.”  These are two coordinating 200-yard skeins that come as one colorway; each skein has the same colors but different ones are the main color or the accent in each.  Did that make sense?  I’m having trouble thinking, there’s a cat sprawled on my face.  I really love the idea behind Opposites Attract and I hope she keeps coming up with new colorways!  Here’s a picture (stolen from the BD website since I didn’t take my own) of the one that I used for Bubble Stream, Tristan & Isolde:



Here’s the teaser that I posted in the Barking Dog Ravelry group:

Are you ready for a top down sock with a mirrored design? How about a partially patterned gusset? Don’t you love textured ribbing? What will it take to get you into this sock? Unique decreases? We’ve got that! And, just for this month, I’ll even knock of 10% of the knitting time!

Ahem, enough of the sales pitch. I think you’ll enjoy this sock pattern; I certainly enjoyed making it! The socks use Opposites Attract yarn- mine are in Tristan & Isolde. The sock is stretchy and fits up to an 8” foot circumference.

I’ll release the whole pattern here on April 1st (no foolin’ I promise!) This is my first KAL; I’m very excited!



This is indeed the first KAL that I will be “running” or at least more actively involved in.  There have been many KALs using my patterns, but I haven’t been a part of them.  Here’s hoping it goes well!


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