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Chile March 10, 2011

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What day is it?  Wednesday?  Huh, I could have sworn it was Saturday.  Wait, it’s the ninth?!  Not the fifth?  What the heck have I been doing the last four days?


Well, for starters, I’ve been beating down some wicked writer’s/designer’s block and hammering out three new sock designs for submissions.  I had a moat made out of stitch dictionaries protecting my strategic creative position.


[insert clever segue here]


A little while ago, my mom visited a friend in Chile.  They were seeing the sights and ended up in an area with some yarn shops.  She took these wonderful pictures there and sent them to me as a teaser- she bought me something but hasn’t told me what!  But we did have a talk about alpaca and vicuña… wouldn’t it be cool to have some alpaca or llama from Chile?




So pretty!  Me wants the precious!


IMG_0433    IMG_0385


Aren’t these great?  So cute.


One Response to “Chile”

  1. april Says:

    cool pics! i would be dying of anticipation at what your mom got you. that is so nice of her.
    i just started reading your blog recently and i am enjoying it….thank you for sharing.

    I’m pretty curious! She offered to send me pictures, but I’d rather be surprised in person with it. Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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