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Don’t be a Heel January 13, 2011

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Since I’m trying to catch up on my knitting projects and I don’t want to bore the non-spinners with a second spinning post in a row, here’s some of my favorite links about sock heels!


A Heel and Toe for Every Purpose (pdf)  An overview of some commonly used heels and toes.  I particularly like the “round/French heel” and use that in almost all my sock patterns.


Eclectic Sock Heel – A combination flap and short row heel.  Fun to knit and it looks really cool!  I used this heel on one of my first patterns, the Grand Teton socks.


Toe-Up Gusseted Heel – This toe-up heel places the flap along the bottom of the foot and the gusset decreases move up the ankle.  I used this heel on my first sock pattern, the Shenandoah socks, although it’s hard to tell in black.


Toe-Up Heel Flap – A toe-up gusseted heel with the “flap” on the back of the heel and a “gusset” made with increases on the foot.  Widdershins uses this type of heel.


Short Row Heel – A slightly different way to do a short row heel with no wraps.  Just found this one- I have to try it next time I do a short row heel!


One Response to “Don’t be a Heel”

  1. Maureen Says:

    Congrats on your sock pattern in Knitty. I’m looking forward to giving them a go.

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