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New Year’s Resolutions January 4, 2011

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1) Stay home long enough to write a blog post.

a) Actually knit something.

b) Finish something.


It may not sound like an ambitious resolution.  But take a look at some of the places I went last year!


DSC01867 (2)

February: Olympics in Vancouver


Whistler - Our 6th Anniversary 003

March: Skiing in Whistler



May: Sister’s graduation in Virginia


Ashland on the Fourth of July 001

July: Plays and the 4th of July in Ashland, OR


White Salmon camping trip with Dave and Jen 022

July: Camping in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest


September: Travelling across Russia



October: Helping my sister in North Carolina



November: Thanksgiving in VA (and North Carolina)


Leavenworth Christmas Eve Eve 006

December: Leavenworth, WA


And that’s not everything!  There were a lot of weekend excursions that I didn’t put in the list.  It was a truly wonderful year.  However, I’m looking forward to maybe spending two consecutive weeks in my own house.  I haven’t finished a project in months.  For a while, I didn’t even have the time or energy to knit anything at all. 


I did manage to get five patterns published this year, though, bringing my total available patterns up to twenty-three!  Things have settled down now that the holidays are over (which were lots of fun) so I’m planning on getting some good quality knitting time in soon- I have ideas.  Good ideas.


New patterns in 2010:







Consummate V 08

A Skein of Geese


Danu 3



113_5310 (2)



I hope 2011 is just as great as 2010… but maybe just a little more local.


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