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Short and Sweet November 4, 2010

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If you get the Knit Picks catalog, something might have caught your eye in the last one.


KnitPicks catalog


Yup, that’s Sitka in the corner, being featured as a Palette pattern.


knitpicks catalog 2


Pretty cool.  I’m very happy with the way that the Independent Designer’s Program (or IDP) has been going.  Right now, I’m knitting my fingers to the bone on a project for them.  It really should have been done months ago, but it kept being pushed aside for deadlier deadlines.  I’m so close to being done (minus the weaving in ends and actually photographing it, of course.)  Yes, it’s the project I mentioned in my last post, going under the pseudonym Blurple to protect the innocent.  It’s much bigger now than it was then, especially considering that the eight inches that got done at the rally had to be ripped out completely.


I also got a Twitter account today, not that I’m procrastinating or anything.  It’s not that I don’t want to go back to the 12 inches I have left to knit and 40,052 ends to weave in, hopefully by the end of the night.  No, I just thought that it was time.  To procrastinate—I mean, to join the Tweety-craze.  Remember, I’m not procrastinating.


I think it’s pretty good that I’ve made it this far in my knitting marathon without going insane.  At least, the voices in my head tell me I haven’t gone insane. 


Though they are telling me that my spinning wheel looks lonely.


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