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Who’s Really Sane? November 1, 2010

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Early Saturday morning, Lowell and I headed downtown.  We grabbed some coffee and piroshkies from Pike Place Market.  Then, wrapped up against the rain and cold, we stood around for a half an hour at West Lake Center.


Why?  Because we’re very punctual (read: “unreasonably worried about parking”) people.  We wanted to get a good spot at the Seattle satellite Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.  We did indeed get a good spot.  The weather even started out nice enough for me to think that the long underwear had been overkill.  (I was soon glad I had it.)  I had come prepared to the rally- no signs, no flag pin, but I did have a bag full of yarn!




It wasn’t too cold- until the rain started.  As the first comedian performing, David Crowe, said, “A rally at 9 am, outside, in Seattle, in October?  What’s sane about that?”  That’s when the long underwear seemed like a really good idea.  I put on my Snowflake Gloves  and continued to knit.  I was pretty surprised that I didn’t see anyone else with some knitting… but it was pretty cold and wet, so maybe that weeded out the mostly-sane among us.


IMAG0186 - Copy 

(Of course, I can’t actually show you what I was working on.  You know the drill.  Meet my new scarf design- I call it Blurple.)


Things got more interesting when we were interviewed by one of the local TV stations, Q13.  Now, usually I have a pretty good “I’m friendly, but not really interested in conversation” vibe going on when I’m out and about.  I’m a shy person most of the time.  But that morning I had a mini American flag stuck in my ponytail, I was grooving to the music, and I was knitting in the middle of the rain.  What’s sane about that?  The reporter pointed the camera and mike at me first, so I babbled something then threw the next question over to Lowell, who is normally better at these sorts of things.  Apparently I speak more in soundbites, though, because she quickly thrust the camera back at me and asked me more questions.  Luckily, after the first discombobulated answer, I was at least somewhat more composed for the follow-ups.  You can’t see it in the video, but I was knitting the whole time I was being interviewed.  Lowell is pretty sure that it was the knitting that made her come over, even though she didn’t ask about it, because later on, she snuck up behind me and filmed me knitting over my shoulder for about four minutes.  Lowell nicely informed me of that when she was done.  Sadly, none of the knitting made it into the final footage (then again, neither did my babbling), but I feel like I’ve tied this bit of fame back to the fiber arts enough to put it on the blog.,0,2684804.story

You can hear my silly soundbite at 0:36, but I appear in a crowd pan around the 20 second mark too. (I have to apologize, the video embed isn’t working from the Q13 website, so you’ll have to click on the link to see my stupidity! –edited 11/2)


Giant head of Cailyn says, “Vote!”

Giant head of Cailyn says, “Vote!”


The funny part was that after the Q13 interview, we were approached by the “man on the street” interviewer.  That one was live on the jumbo-tron.  Lowell answered more than I did that time, but I did get to say something on the jumbo-tron.  I’m not sure that it’s an achievement.  Good thing that one hasn’t made it onto the internet yet!  I think the knitting caught his eye too.  Apparently the lesson is, if you don’t want to be interviewed on TV or for the jumbo-tron, knit discreetly.


Ok, enough embarrassment.  For now.


One Response to “Who’s Really Sane?”

  1. That’s too cool! I live near a particularly odd individual whose sanity the whole neighborhood questions, what with his glaring political signs and all.

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