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Favorite Color April 1, 2010

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Everybody has that color (or combo of colors) that they just can’t seem to resist.  For my mom, it’s a particular shade of teal or purple.  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee loves oranges and Shannon Okey has trouble passing up greens.  For me, it’s almost any shade of blue.  (I can walk by electric blue with no problem.  Also not that fond of navy.)  For the last few years, it’s also been certain combinations of blue and brown.


Still, I like to think that my stash has a good mix of colors in it.  Here’s a pie chart of the contents of my stash.  (Yes, I thoroughly geeked out on this.)




As you can see, blues definitely make up a good portion of the stash.  But greens and purples aren’t far behind.  I’ve got some nice browns and cream/whites/silvers.  Yes, I’m low on reds and blacks, which I try to stay away from because they’re difficult to photograph well.  And blacks just don’t show off the detailed stitches that I like.  As for the orange-yellow section, what can I say.  I like deep golds and burnt oranges but haven’t found many colorways using them that really speak to me.  My pink section has been expanding lately- I’m not sure why, but I’ve been very attracted to certain pinks.


So, looking at the above graph, you’d guess that there’s over 50% chance that a yarn pulled from my stash would be a “cool” color.  There’s a good chance that yarn would be blue.  But there are decent odds that it wouldn’t be, right?  That it would be a purple or a green or even a brown?  True, there is more blue than any other individual color, but added together the other colors outnumber the blues.  If you pulled a yarn from the stash, specifically looking for something not blue, you could find something, right? 


Then why is it, despite 70% of my stash being other colors, I always end up with a blue yarn when I go stash diving?


I swatched many different yarns for this sock.  Only two of them were blue.  Guess which one ended up showing off the stitch pattern best?


Yeah.  Blue.


104_5165       104_5169


ShibuiKnits Sock (in Midnight I think).


2 Responses to “Favorite Color”

  1. kady Says:

    Dude! I love what you’ve got so far! Is this a pattern you are working on? If so… I want it when you are done 🙂

  2. Cailyn Says:

    Thanks! I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m done with it. I’m taking it with me to VA in a few weeks; it’s been on break while I finished the socks for the Sanguine Gryphon. It uses Shibui, which I know you like. 🙂

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