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Olympics February 28, 2010

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Last week, Lowell, me, and my in-laws headed up to Vancouver to see some Olympics!  (Yes, this post is up very late.  It was hard to sit down and write about it when so much happened and we had so much fun.  Also, there were 7 bazillion pictures to wade through.)


We woke up horribly early on Tuesday and drove up to the “frozen” north.  The first day we saw the USA vs Switzerland hockey game (go USA!)

Olympics Day 1 016


And the men’s figure skating short program. 

Olympics Day 1 Evening - B 002   Olympics Day 1 092


I slept through most of the drive, so I didn’t get a chance to cast on my new sock until the hockey game.  Of course, I didn’t want to miss anything, so I didn’t actually start casting on until late in the game.  I worked on the ribbing some during zamboni breaks in figure skating. Here’s the sock on a trip to get a snack.  The Pacific Coliseum had strangely tasty sandwiches, especially if you hadn’t eaten much beforehand.

Olympics Day 1 Evening - B 003


The next day we got up early again and went to see Stephen Colbert film at Creekside Park.  We waited for 2 hours before the filming started and I got a lot done on the sock!  It was a great way to tell how much time had passed.  You might notice that the sock is on DPNs and not my normal long circular.  I decided that DPNs are more photogenic and classic.  Sadly, I decided this while I was standing there in the mob and all I had was my tiny 4” DPNs that I carry in my bag for helping to fix mistakes (I hate fixing with a crochet hook, I don’t know why.)  4” is sadly too short to comfortably knit with for a long period.  I got a painful raw spot on my palms from the sharp points.  You’ll notice that this injury didn’t make me put the sock back on the circ though.

Olympics Day 2 Morning 024   Olympics Day 2 - B 026


After the long standing and then hilarity of watching Bob Costas “ride the moose,”  we headed to our next event, men’s 1000m speed skating.

Olympics Day 2 - B 079


The sock got to see some fast skaters, but didn’t get to see Shani Davis win the gold.  The seating was way too cramped to knit during speed skating.  I told the sock all about it, though.

 1000m Men Speed Skating


No matter where you go, people are always interested in what you’re knitting.  I got asked about the sock a lot on the train to and from events and the hotel.  It was nice when the train was empty enough to find a seat- it’s much easier to knit when you don’t have to also hold onto the pole!

DSC02012   DSC01859 (2)


We went to see the Olympic flame.  Then we went to the Czech Republic vs Slovakia hockey game.

 Olympics Day 2 Evening 004


The next day, we went to the Olympic store to spend tons of money.  I was sad that there was no Olympic yarn, but I got a nice bag that I’ve been using as my knitting bag ever since.  Then we headed over to Russia House, where we stood in line some more, which led to more sock knitting.

 Olympics Day 3 Afternoon 003

Look how much I have done!  1” 1×1 ribbing, 2” stockinette, 4 row “heel flap,” short row heel, mini-gusset. 


While we were in Russia House, we ran into Stephen Colbert again!  We stood around while he interviewed some people and, well, basically we stalked him.  My in-laws stalked so well that they can actually be seen on the aired footage!

Olympics Day 3 Afternoon 041  Olympics Day 3 - B 031


After that much excitement, we headed home and watched the rest of the Olympics on TV.  We had so much fun, it’s impossible to write it down here. 


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  1. Millie Says:

    I’m only sorry your post doesn’t have the photo of you knitting on the Sky Train leaning back, eyes closed, very tired…. but knitting 100 miles an hour. The camera didn’t take the photo in time before the next stop when more people came on and you moved over where I couldn’t take the shot. So this photo is only in my mind. But very clear!

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