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Side Effects Include January 5, 2010

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Suffer from depression? Try Spinnyng, the new drug from ancient civilizations. Side effects may include sensitive thumbs, spinner’s limp, fuzzy growths known as "supplies," slubs, and increased risk of cashmere which could lead to serious problems with qiviut.

Ask your doctor for more information about Spinnyng!


I’ve been very diligent about taking my Spinnyng every day.  So far, I’ve managed to grow my stash quite a bit, following the plan laid out by my last post.  Let’s see, this pretty braid came from Knit Purl in Portland:


I ran over to Knit Purl while everyone else was finishing their coffee (conveniently located two blocks from the yarn shop).  I might have gotten a few other things while I was there, including some Malabrigo Worsted in Oceanos and Madelinetosh merino in Fjord.  Oh yes, the fiber is Chameleon Colorworks 100% Blue Faced Leicester in the Taos colorway.


I also managed to connive the family into taking me to Weaving Works, under the pretense that it’s an interesting store even if you don’t do fiber crafts.  I’m not sure they bought it.  But I bought a lot of fiber!  I bought 2 oz of dyed merino in a colorway they call “Autumn.”  And they had some dyed merino/bamboo in the most gorgeous blue-grey that I couldn’t resist.  I got some of that (maybe more than “some”), some light blue, and a warm brown in the same fiber which is officially the first fiber that I’ve bought with an actual finished product in mind.  I plan on these fibers becoming a scarf of some sort, although I haven’t really thought about what kind of yarn I want to make yet.  I don’t quite feel confident enough in my spinning abilities to tackle that project yet.


102_4932    102_4936    


But I am getting in good practice!  Check out this bobbin:



This is the 2.5 oz of Blue Faced Leicester that I bought in October from Weaving Works.  I dyed it with some food coloring using a hot pour technique.  It’s mostly light green with some spots of white, teal, and brown.  Not my best dye job, but then this isn’t my best spinning either.  This is purely practice spinning, although if I get something useable out of it I’ll be happy.  I just filled up the first bobbin tonight and started a second one.  Spinning is the best part of my day right now.  Very meditative and soothing, no pressure.  I go into my studio, put on an audiobook, and suddenly it’s two hours later.  I’m so addicted to spinning right now that I’ve even started bringing my spindle around town instead of a sock project!


But doing worry, loyal knitters, I have a new scarf pattern on the way.  It uses some very yummy Malabrigo Worsted.


2 Responses to “Side Effects Include”

  1. Millie Says:

    The New Mexico family members never mind going to a weaving or yarn store with you. Just watching you there gives us all goosebumps of joy! Plus we get to check out all the soft yarns and fibers!

  2. […] at home, I’ve been spinning on my wheel.  I finished some fiber that I’ve been working on and off since Christmas (a reddish-brown merino) and set the bobbins aside to rest while I spun up some fiber that I got for my birthday.  The […]

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