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How to Start a Stash January 1, 2010

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Or, “I don’t remember buying all this.”


Step 1: Learn a new skill or craft.  Knitting, spinning, crocheting, and home-roasting espresso all qualify.  Optional:  Tell everyone who will listen that you will not be getting a stash; promise to buy supplies as needed and only when the current project is completed.


Step 2: Get just a bit of inexpensive supplies to practice new skill.


Step 3: Buy just enough supplies for first real project.  At the same time, buy some really nice supplies for “when you get good enough” or “as something to look forward to.”


Step 4: Get close to finishing first project and realize that you’re not ready for “the good stuff.”  Buy some middle-level supplies.  On second thought, this store is kind of out of the way, you’d better buy enough supplies for two projects so you don’t have to come back.  Alternately, you need to buy enough supplies to justify the shipping costs.


Step 5: You’re traveling.  Pick up some local souvenir supplies.


Step 6: You’re not ready for the “good stuff” yet and the souvenir supplies aren’t sparking the creative juices.  Neither are the supplies from Step 4.  Alternately, your tastes have evolved and using the supplies from Step 4 is like using sandpaper.  Order some more “advanced” supplies because you won’t be able to get to the local store soon enough.  Then find yourself near the local store; you really should buy some supplies while you’re there to support the local business.


Step 7: Receive some supplies as gifts for birthday or holidays.


Step 8: You’re screwed.


It has begun.  Start trying to find someplace to hide your now rapidly growing stash.




2 Responses to “How to Start a Stash”

  1. Lowell Says:

    Step 9: …
    Step 10: Profit!

  2. […] about taking my Spinnyng every day.  So far, I’ve managed to grow my stash quite a bit, following the plan laid out by my last post.  Let’s see, this pretty braid came from Knit Purl in […]

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