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One Year November 16, 2009

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It has taken me exactly one year to finish these socks.




Yes, you read that right.  I dyed the yarn and cast on these socks last Thanksgiving.  While working the ribbing, I worried that I would finish the pair before I returned from Virginia.  I worried that I would not have enough sock to keep me occupied.  Now I know, these socks do not look like the overly-complicated knitwear that I normally gravitate towards.  These socks are plain stockinette which is normally not my cup of tea, except that I have mastered the art of the knit stitch without looking which has then led to knitting stockinette while reading.  These socks were meant to be knit while I talked with family and I brought other, more complex, socks to keep me from gnawing my arm off on a six hour plane ride.


I bet you’re trying to figure out how it took me a year to knit one pair of when I fancy myself a professional sock designer.  If it always took me a year to finish a pair of socks, I’d miss a lot of deadlines.  Did I lose them?  Did the needles break?  Did I forget to pack them on a trip?  Did goblins steal them in the night and hold them hostage until I promised them my firstborn?


Here’s the annotated picture of the socks, showing how much of the socks I knit when. 


Sock Chronology


As you can see, the socks spent most of their year in a strange limbo with one sock mostly finished and the other being cast on and knitted in two months.  These socks when with me pretty much everywhere this year, including New Mexico, a second trip to Virginia, ski trips, Idaho, the Sock Summit, even the theater!  Clearly, they were getting face time with me; I hadn’t forgotten about them but nothing was being knit.  I can’t even blame the yarn.  As much as I hated the way that this yarn looked in the skein (so much so that I didn’t even get a picture of it and apparently didn’t blog about it), I really like the way it knit up.  And it’s in my favorite workhorse yarn, Knit Picks Essential- er, they’re calling it Stroll now I guess.


I have now cast on another pair of stockinette socks with self-dyed stripey yarn in preparation for this Thanksgiving.  I will do my best to finish these in a more timely manner.  Look for a finished picture in June, maybe.


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