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Must… stripe… November 6, 2009

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I’m getting the strange and almost irresistible urge to add some stripes to the sleeves of my Central Park Hoodie.  I think that if I don’t add these stripes I may run screaming into the street, flying the CPH above my head like some sort of demented surrender flag.  I believe the stripes will be neon orange, that’s the ticket…




(This picture is actually from yesterday; there’s slightly more right sleeve today and I finished the pockets.  They look awesome but due to a sudden temporary cessation of brain waves, they are just a tad too short in the height department.  My perfectionism and desire never to touch those pockets again are having an epic battle upon the shattered remains of my brain.)


One Response to “Must… stripe…”

  1. […] I even managed to coax another inch or so of width out of the body.  I did decide to redo the pockets.  I tore out all the lining and lengthened the steek.  This time I was much more careful […]

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