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The Steek Will Set You Free November 3, 2009

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Wow.  I love steeks.  They’re awesome.


This weekend was pretty busy.  Mainly with knitting the Central Park Hoodie.  I finished the fronts and seamed the jacket up.  I was shocked to find that I do not hate seaming, like I thought.  With a nice edge that hasn’t been ruined by slipping stitches and has been carefully blocked, seaming was actually kind of fun.  Almost meditative. 


102_4767   102_4768


I also took a few swatches and practiced steeking.  I highly recommend slicing up some swatches- it really removes the fear.  I tugged and yanked and jerked on the swatch and the stitches didn’t go anywhere they weren’t supposed to.  Late Saturday night (because careful cutting of a week’s worth of work should always be done late at night) I cut pockets in the front of my CPH.


102_4765    102_4766 


The safety pins are holding on to the other stitches in the column that I cut.  I’ll be picking up stitches along the edges to form the pocket and then I’ll sew the lining to those loose stitches to secure them.  This was shockingly easy and kind of enjoyable.  There was hardly any freaking out as I cut the knitting.  Although I was very disappointed that the people with me were unimpressed by this sudden appearance of pockets.  I might steek everything now.  They’re really cool.


My shoulder plan is working out well too.  I knit the armhole about an inch longer than the pattern said (on purpose!) and instead of having to figure out what to do with the sleeve cap, I decided to work the sleeves top-down.  I seamed everything then picked up stitches around the armhole and worked short rows for the cap.  I’ll write more about this process later.  I can’t believe all sleeves aren’t done this way… it looks great!


102_4777    102_4776


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