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Knitting as fast as I can October 29, 2009

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Left front went off without a major hitch and pretty fast, given that pretty much all I’m doing is knitting on this.




Er, except that I forgot to put in the pocket.  I really wanted pockets.  So, this is what I’m thinking: steeks.


It’s ok, you can resume breathing now.  I haven’t done anything yet and I might decide that this is an outer layer that doesn’t need pockets.  Ha, who am I kidding?  I will pass up something I truly love if it doesn’t have pockets on it.  I’m going to practice on those seven swatches that I made.  My CPH is made with 100% wool, so it has some good “stickiness” to it unlike superwash.  It shouldn’t be too hard… right?  I mean, knitters have been steeking for hundreds of years.  I figure I’ll decide where I want the pockets once I do up the shoulders and side seams, sew down the right columns, snip, cry, pick up stitches, and bam!  Pockets.


I can hear you laughing at me, don’t think I can’t!


(I’m still working on the lever-style knitting videos.  The tripod-behind-my-shoulder plan does not seem to be working very well.  I think that I will need to trick someone into manning the camera for me.)


5 Responses to “Knitting as fast as I can”

  1. Ashley Hasse Says:

    You could also put in an afterthought pocket, unless you are set on a vertical pocket opening. You just snip a stitch at the center of where you want the pocket, and pick out the yarn in either direction, and put the live stitches on dpns.

  2. Cobbalicious Says:

    I want a blow-by-blow to learn from you!

  3. Cailyn Says:

    I’m kinda obstinate about my pockets; vertical or nothing, I say. Well, I don’t say that, but I could. I tried a steek on a swatch yesterday and it went pretty well. I think this “plan” could work.

  4. Cailyn Says:

    Thanks, Cobbalicious! Lowell seems willing to man the camera, so we’ll see if I can do a take without sounding like an idiot or dropping stitches.

  5. Jackie Says:

    I am so waiting for the video! I have tried and tried to master this technique watching the 2 Stephanie videos on You Tube. Can’t wait for you to have the video doen.

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