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Grr. Argh. October 20, 2009

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The gods are toying with me.


I spent a goodly chunk of time churning out gauge swatches for my Central Park Hoodie.  Four large swatches later and it looked like size 10 needles were the way to go.  My yarn and needles came yesterday and in a strange fit of rationality, I decided to swatch again, just to be sure.  I even washed and blocked the swatch.  Guess what?


I’m now one stitch too short.  I have 16 sts for 4 inches instead of 17.  ARGH!  Forget it.  I’m just going to use my circulars and forget the idea of knitting this lever-style.  I can’t knit another swatch.  Well, really it’s more likely that I can’t wait to get more needles. I have all the circs that I need…


To take the bad taste of swatch out of my mouth, I’m going to show you the yarn that I got at Knit Purl last week.


My mom came out and visited last week.  We drove down to Portland for a day and spent some time in the Japanese Garden, which was beautiful and very peaceful.  That’s my mom on the bridge.



Then we went back into the city and went to Josephine’s Dry Goods and Knit Purl.  Knit Purl is a great store.  Lots of yarn and variety and even some roving!  They had a whole wall of Koigu sock yarn (which I don’t like as much, but I know lots of people love!)  My mom was really nice and bought me a Japanese stitch pattern book, and these yarns:


Some sock yarn from Happiest Girl! Dyeworks, 75% superwash/25% nylon.  The yarn isn’t very soft (washing will probably take care of that), but I am completely in love with the saturated teal next to the deep black.  It looks fabulous in natural lighting.



Sheep Shop Yarn (Sheep #3), a sport-weighty merino/silk blend.  Deliciously soft and it has that dangerous sparkle to it that makes it hard to put down.



Last but not least, a yarn that my mom picked out that is to die for.  ShibuiKnits Baby Alpaca DK, in a very royal blue.  So very, very soft!



Favorite color? I don’t have a favorite color.  Clearly I love all colors equally and nothing you can say will convince me that I love blue more than yellow.  It’s obviously not true.


4 Responses to “Grr. Argh.”

  1. Jackie Mixon Says:

    Help – I want to learn the lever style so badly. I have been studying the Stephanie McPhee videos and just can’t get it. How is the yarn held in the right hand? my wrist motion does not bring the yarn in contact with the right needle and it is extremely awkward

  2. Cailyn Says:

    I’m working on making some video tutorials as we speak; it’s hard to explain how to hold the yarn without pictures, but I’ll try. Here’s the way I’ve found works best: The yarn goes under the pinky, then over the ring and middle finger to the palm of the hand, then hook the ring finger under the yarn. The yarn should go over the tip of the ring finger towards the pinky. Keep your hand relaxed and gently curved while your wrist flips back and forth. Like I said, easier with pictures! I promise, they’re coming soon.

  3. Kady Says:

    I LOVE KNIT PURL! That was my only highlight (and I went every time) when I was down in Portland quite often for a year or so :p

  4. […] I haven’t told you about my fun trip to Weaving Works.  I went there with my mom while she was visiting.  I hadn’t been there before, even though I’ve lived in the Seattle area for 6 […]

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