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Swatches October 14, 2009

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I’ve decided to go full-steam ahead on the Central Park Hoodie.  I definitely want to try to knit as much of it as possible in the lever style of knitting (which I think I’ve got figured out, so when I can make a video that doesn’t have me sneeze in the middle, tutorials will be up.)  Of course, lever knitting requires straight needles; there’s no way to work a big piece lever-style with circs because of the way you hold the needle.  DPNs are acceptable, but I’m pretty awful at lever knitting on DPNs at the moment.  My collection of straight needles right now consists of exactly three pairs, two of which I despise.  The pair that I like is the first pair of knitting needles that I ever owned, that weren’t passed down by my mother.  They’re probably about twenty years old now and I haven’t really used them much, although I’ve never put them in storage or anything.  They’re very special to me, even though they’re just white plastic.  Size 9s.


Anyway, they’re too short to use effectively for lever knitting.  The other needles I have are the right length, but there’s something about the Lion Brand plastic that I don’t like knitting with. One of them has a core inside, to strengthen the needle, but it rattles around.  Very annoying.


Wait, was I going somewhere with this story…?  OH right.


So I need to buy some nice, long, straight needles in order to knit the CPH lever-style.  Given that I like Knit Picks wooden needles (I’m still unsure about the color, but I love the tips) and that I was ordering the yarn from them, I figured that I would order the straight needles from them too.  I set about swatching to figure out which size needles I needed to order.


Four swatches later (yes, four!) I finally decided that I need size 10 needles.  The row gauge with this size is just a hair short, but I’m hoping (really, really hoping) that the doing another swatch on the long needles instead of DPNs will fix that problem.  If not, at least row gauge is easier to compensate for than stitch gauge.


Oh, and I ordered the yarn in the Arctic Blue colorway.  I think that will make a nice neutral-ish blue jacket.  And I’ve decided to add pockets.  We’ll see how that goes.


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