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SS09 Debriefing, Part 2 August 18, 2009

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I went all out and took a class in every slot available.  I thought about not taking a class on Saturday morning, the logic being that by then I would be pretty tired and want to sleep in and there wasn’t a class that I was utterly dying to take then.  But then I thought, this might be the only opportunity to take these classes at all!  So I registered for a Saturday morning class.  Turned out that all my previous thoughts had been true, I was tired and I didn’t really get much out of the class.  But I met some fun people and the teacher, Charlene Schurch, was very nice.




My favorite classes were the ones I took on publishing designs, which I don’t have pictures of since they were just lectures.  I got lots of good information, including tips on how to get a book published.  A book is my long term goal but it won’t be happening anytime soon.  First, I have to build a “platform.”  Basically, this blog needs to get big enough that a publisher sees my audience as worth the publishing cost, or I have to become wealthy enough to independently publish it.  Both of which will take some time, I think!


IMG_0846   IMG_0847

I enjoyed my class with Janel Laidman, the author of The Eclectic Sole and has beautiful color work socks.  She was very friendly and complimented my Arthurian Anklets!  I love knitting color work but I’ve never gotten a good fit on color work socks.  I now have some good tips to help with that, so expect to see some more stranded socks coming this winter!


IMG_0894   IMG_0895   IMG_0896

I loved the spindle spinning class that I took Saturday afternoon.  Abby and Denny were great teachers.  Well, I didn’t think they were so great for about the first hour of class.  I kept breaking my “yarn” and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  I was frustrated and feeling kind of mentally fuzzy; you know that feeling you get when you’re trying really hard to understand something but it’s just not working?  Yeah.  When things finally clicked, though, oh man!  I was totally hooked.  I ran right over to the marketplace after class and grabbed some fiber!  By the end of class, my yarn was even and thin if a bit fuzzy and all I wanted to do was to keep spinning.  I’m almost done spinning the fiber that came with the class kit then I will try plying it and then… I will start spinning my new fiber!! (I’m trying hard not to get too obsessed with spinning.  But it’s really fun.  I don’t even know why.)


Next post I’ll show you all the tasty things I bought at the marketplace!


2 Responses to “SS09 Debriefing, Part 2”

  1. Jennifer Hoy Says:

    Don’t even bother trying NOT to fall into the passion of spinning. Just keep in mind that it feeds the knitting! At least, that’s what I tell myself. Perhaps if I could stop spinning (and knitting) I could blog…

    Good luck, you’re in for tons of fun.

  2. […] now spun on a wheel and on a spindle.  While I was very frustrated at the beginning of the spindle class, it eventually made much […]

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