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Sock Summit June 4, 2009

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I am so excited.  Only 62 days until the Sock Summit!


Registration was pretty tense.  It reminded me of registering for classes in college.  Then, you got assigned a number according to the number of credits you had earned so far (the assumption being that the more credits you had, the more senior a student you were).  Then the numbers were chopped into 200-people chunks.  Each chunk got a time slot.  Days before registration, students were making spreadsheets with contingency plans, sometimes with classes that they didn’t even want to take.  The second that the clock ticked to your time slot, you tried to sign into the school’s registration program.  Only 50 students could be on the program at once, schoolwide.  And once you got in if you stopped for more than 30 seconds, say to double check something, you could be kicked out of the system and have to start again.


Sock Summit was a little more fair than that system.  Once you got into the system, you had 15 minutes to get everything figured out and once you had something in your cart, it was yours.  Mostly.  The system was overcome with the load of people trying to register and things got pretty confusing with the server showing classes being full that weren’t really full, etc.  Registration was supposed to start at 10am PST.  The server crashed and didn’t really get back up until almost 11am.  There were a few hairy moments when I got kicked out of the system in the middle of an important step even after the server stabilized a bit.  The adrenaline rush and stress were so much that I was shaking after I hit “pay now.”  You can read more about the mess on the Yarn Harlot’s and Tina’s blog.  I’m not going to go into the problems too much, but I did use those skills I learned in college:


ss 09


So many spreadsheets.  This was the final one made the night before registration, with my perfect schedule on top and other variations following.  On the side are the classes, listed by importance, with colored cells to show when each class was offered (in case I had to do some quick thinking).   There are so many classes being offered at the Summit that I wanted to take.  It was really hard narrowing it down to just six.  I think I had something like twenty classes on my semi-finalist list.

I ended up with Schedule 2:

9am: Paint Your Toes! Stranded Colorwork for Socks with Janel Laidman (I’ve always wanted to design completely Fair Isle socks, but I’ve never gotten the fit right.)

1:30pm: Sock Design Workshop: Know the Rules, Then Break Them with Star Athena (Sounds useful.)

9am: Cross Your Cables and Dot Your Purls with Deb Robson (Information on publishing patterns.  Very useful.)

9am: Fancy Heel Flaps with Charlene Schurch

1:30pm: Spindle Spinning Basics with Abby Franquemont and Denny McMillan (Spindles are cheaper than buying a wheel!  Although I’m kind of worried that I’ll like it and spinning will eat into my knitting time…)

9am: Making the Next Monkey with Amy Singer (How to get published in Knitty.  Also very useful!)

Having read about all the troubles everyone had, I feel incredibly lucky to have registered with minimal problems (although at the time they felt huge).  I got all the classes I wanted except one.  But if I had gotten Engineering Stitches with Cat Bordhi (that class filled up fast!), I wouldn’t have been able to take Spindle Spinning Basics which I really wanted to take too.  So, all is well in the end.  I’m super-excited.  I’ve never gone to anything resembling a conference before! 


One Response to “Sock Summit”

  1. =Tamar Says:

    I’ve never been to a knitting conference to attend classes, but I’ve been to a lot of SF conventions. There tends to be a lot of walking. Wear your most supportive comfortable shoes and bring slippers to rest your feet at the end of the day. Take your vitamins/eat normally; it’s all too easy to skip a meal “just this once” but if you do it will cost you. Relax and enjoy it!

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