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Random Linkage May 29, 2009

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It’s warm and sunny.  So warm that I’m even thinking about turning on the AC for the first time this year.  Much too warm to be writing a blog post.  So here are some random links to interesting techniques that I’ve found in my wanderings of the World Wide Web.  Enjoy!


Russian Cast Off  Haven’t tried this technique yet, but it looks pretty!


Russian Join Cool way to join some more yarn without tying a knot or weaving in ends.  I like to use this technique with wool when I have to cut the yarn because there’s a knot in the skein.


Knitting Backwards  Easy to master and it makes heel flaps so much easier to knit.


Eclectic or Combo Heel  A combination of a gusset and a short row heel.  I like the way this heel fits better than a straight short row heel.


Double Wrapped Short Rows  Speaking of short row heels…


One Response to “Random Linkage”

  1. Cobbalicious Says:

    Russian cast-off is my favorite for toe-up socks.

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