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ARrrgh May 21, 2009

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   I’ve been knitting for three years now (well, knitting seriously) and I’d never broken a needle or even chipped one in that time.  And now I’ve broken two in short succession!  This time it’s not so crushing, since I broke a Size 1 needle and I have tons of those. But seriously, knitting gods?!  I had to break another needle?




This time I’m not even sure I know how it happened.  I had taken my knitting on some errands with Lowell.  When we got home, I had my hands full of goodies and my knitting bag slung over my shoulder. I took off my shoes and came through the door.  I slammed my foot into something sharp, which led to some jumping around, yelping, and dumping of goodies onto the floor.  I figured that I had stepped on a small stick or something on the welcome mat.  I put away the goodies and went back to look at the mat so that Lowell wouldn’t step on it too. 


I found some shard of something that looked suspiciously like a Harmony needle.  But that couldn’t be- my knitting was carefully stowed in my knitting bag!  I check my knitting, and there was a shattered needle hanging out of the bag.




I still don’t know how it happened.  How did my knitting jump out of my bag?  How did it get to the floor without my noticing and postition itself just right to get stepped on?  It must have wanted to be broken!  Do I have suicidal needles?  I thought needles like to be used.  Why would my favorite pair of needles jump to certain doom?  I don’t understand.  Clearly this wasn’t my fault.  I had everything put away nicely.  This needle wanted to be broken.  I feel terrible for its twin on the other end of the cable.  What must it be thinking?  Abandoned by its sibling and now useless to me.  That’s a terrible burden for a tiny needle.


Maybe I need a needle whisperer.  Or could this be a case of the rare needle flu?  I should go quarantine the other circulars; hopefully they’re not already infected!


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