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The First Sock May 11, 2009

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I was doing a bit of a stash reorganizing (there was Palette mixed in with my superwash!) and I ran across an old project.  Actually, it was the first pair of socks that I ever designed from the ground up.  Even though they were top-down.  Er, right.


I knit these shortly after I learned how to knit two socks at once on one long circular.  In fact, these might have been the first socks I knit with that method.  I believe these were also the last self-designed socks to be done that way, as well.  I had checked out a stitch dictionary from the library and I loved this thick, rich cable.  I had knit a few socks from patterns and I had noticed one thing: they all had the same stitch pattern on the leg as on the foot.  I wanted to design a sock that had a completely different pattern on the leg than on the foot.  I still want to do that, but now I’m a little more conscious of how things really flow together.


000_0058  102_4456   000_0049


Top-down, short row heel, mostly standard toe.  Yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Baltic Sea, done on a size 1 (2.25mm) 42 inch circular needle.



I was (and am) obsessed with finding ways to make the ribbing at the top of the sock flow into the leg of the sock.  This obsession is usually the cause of much hair-pulling and cursing the immutable laws of counting, since the stitch pattern rarely matches up nicely with the ribbing.  These socks were no exception.



The heel on these socks is a little funky.  It’s a short row heel, because it was a new technique to me at the time.  But I liked the look of a heel flap so I used Heel Stitch (sl 1, k1 across) on the first half of the heel.  I didn’t know then that Heel Stitch compresses vertically and is not as long as the same amount of knitting in stockinette stitch.  This led to a very ill-fitting heel.



I particularly like the toe of this sock.  The first few decreases are part of the cable design, which is why the toe appears to be too short.  You can’t tell in the finished product, but the cable in the center of the motif actually ends in a point as well.


All in all, not a terrible attempt at sock design.  I didn’t look at them and immediately want to throw them away.  I still love that cable up the foot.  I’m not crazy about the cables on the leg; I remember they were a compromise at the time.  Their main problem is that they don’t really fit, largely because of the heel.  In the pictures of the sock on my foot, you can see the stitches straining pretty hard.  If only they fit, I might actually like them!


One Response to “The First Sock”

  1. =Tamar Says:

    You could pretend the heel wore out, snip, rip, and work an afterthought heel. It would even look pretty much like a short-row heel.

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