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Doubled Productivity April 24, 2009

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This reading and knitting thing is going much better than I expected.  When I started this experiment, I had about half an inch after the toe of this sock completed.  After a few short hours of reading and knitting, I finished my book and knit 4 inches of stockinette without any of the mind-numbing, insanity-producing brain spasms that I usually get!




It’s almost impossible to tell from the angle of the picture (I couldn’t find a ruler shorter than my yardstick, which will not fit into my lightbox) but that’s 6 whole inches of nearly painless stockinette stitch there.  And isn’t the Shibui Knits yarn beautiful?


Now I’m sad that I’m about to start the interesting part of the sock.  This is a completely unexpected feeling.  I guess the next book will have to wait until the second sock!


3 Responses to “Doubled Productivity”

  1. lala Says:

    So cute 🙂

  2. […] tea, except that I have mastered the art of the knit stitch without looking which has then led to knitting stockinette while reading.  These socks were meant to be knit while I talked with family and I brought other, more […]

  3. […] just referred to as size 1s) weren’t just right.  Everything was going smoothly, including a very fast stockinette section that was very […]

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