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Cardigan Update March 16, 2009

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I was going to post some pictures of the Orencia socks that I had made such a big deal of before.  I finished them on my trip to Virginia.  But as I set the photo-shoot up, I realized that they really needed to be blocked.  I don’t normally block socks, as they don’t really need much encouragement to look sock-shaped.  But these socks are mostly lace and lace really shines after it’s been blocked.  At least, I hope so.  They looked a little shabby sitting there all wet and pinned down.  I hope they recover!  Anyway, I can’t take pictures of them while they’re in that state.  That just wouldn’t be fair to them.


So instead, I’ll give you an update on my cardigan.  You know, the one that’s given me so much trouble so far?


Now, I’ve dragged this thing all around the country.  I took it to New Mexico, figuring that it was a good car project.  Well, it was far too warm to be working on a wool sweater.  I think I knit one row in the car. 


I took this sweater to Virginia.  It stayed in the suitcase the entire time.  Didn’t even look at it.  Honestly, didn’t even think about it.


But I finally took it out and worked on it this weekend.  I finally finished the cabling around the bottom and I even have about seven rows of stockinette done.


Of course, being the evil, evil project that it is, it punished me for my neglect.  Having such nice cabling along the bottom means that I had to cast on more stitches for the bottom than I will need for the rest of the body, since cables cause the fabric to contract.  Easy, I thought, I’ll just add an extra repeat in the cable and then decrease the stitches out when I’m done.


Well, that’s perfectly fine if you work on the project continuously and remember to decrease the sixteen stitches before knitting six more rows of almost three hundred stitches each!  I decided not to rip back, as that would just have been too painful.  So I dropped certain stitches and reknit them with decreases.  This left me with some unsightly tension issues which I then had to tease back into place.  It likely would have been faster to rip and reknit.  But I’m stubborn and I did it the drop-and-reknit way.


The decreases did finally all get into place, although I am making no claims to them being “evenly spaced.”  In the picture above, you can see the five stitches that will form the steek for the zipper- or the nice stockinette stripe up the front if I chicken out on the steek.  It has cables running up either side, which are the only bit of interest in the body anymore. 


It remains to be seen if I’ll go insane before I reach the underarms, but if I do it’ll be a toss up between the boredom or the cantankerous nature of this sweater.

 101_4310    101_4309


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