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Strange Places For Inspiration March 4, 2009

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Inspiration can sometimes come from strange places.  Okay, most of the time it comes from strange places, the strange place being the dark recesses of my mind where the purple creativity gnomes live.  But in this case, inspiration came from something stranger than tiny purple creativity gnomes.


It came from a drug commercial.


Lowell has some pretty cool aunts and uncles.  We got to spend time with two sets- er, couples?- in the middle of our trip.  This coincided with the Oscars and Lowell’s aunt hosted a fun get-together at her (incredibly gorgeous) new house.  Lowell and I don’t end up seeing that many movies throughout the year (two hours sitting still in the dark without my knitting?  Insanity, I say!)  But it’s always a blast to watch these award shows with other people.  Lowell’s aunt knits as well and somewhere around Jack Black and Jennifer Aniston’s presenting the awards for animation, we both pulled out our knitting. Previously, our hands were busy making and eating dinner and petting the adorable dogs.

DSC05180 [800x600]

This was the fourth picture that was taken, I think, and the men were starting to act a little funny while we studiously ignored them.  I’m working on a simple stockinette sock using my hand dyed Knit Picks sock blank and she’s knitting a child’s sweater using Cascade Fixation, I think it was.  Everyone in the family knows that I love to craft and knit in particular.  They’d be shocked, I think, if I didn’t knit almost every free moment.


Back on the track of the story, we were watching the Oscars.  During one of the commercial breaks, there was an ad for Orencia.  It’s a drug for rheumatoid arthritis.  About halfway through, the person in the ad pulls on a yellow lace sock.  My father-in-law says, “Those look like Cailyn socks!”  I already had out my post-it notes to write down the details of the sock before I forgot.  So pretty, so simple in it’s lacy beauty, it was.  I was  quickly thinking of something in a summer fiber, something fun and quick to knit for the warm weather that I’m told is coming.

Sock Inspiration

You want to skip to the :33 second mark to see the sock in question.  And keep the sound off, unless you want to hear about those lovely side-effects.  Of course, it was a lot easier to see the detail on a big crisp LCD TV instead of the low quality of YouTube, but you get the idea of the design.


I’ve decided to use some yarn that I have from Argosy Luxury Fibers, the Five Oaks Ranch Bamboo in Sage.  It’s 80% bamboo and 20% superwash wool.  Nice and summery, I think.  Hm, apparently I don’t have a picture of the yarn.  Well, they’ve got great pictures on their website.  I kind of wanted to knit these in pink or white, but it’s time for some stash-busting.  How else can I justify buying all those great new yarns that I want?


Next time I’ll show you a picture of the beginnings of the sock that I’ve designed from that commercial.  You’ll get to see the sock go through inspiration, frustration, frogging (which it’s already suffered once in silent shame), to finished sock pattern!  Think of it as your own personal tour, guided by tiny purple creativity gnomes.


4 Responses to “Strange Places For Inspiration”

  1. That picture is very telling. What it tells, though, I’m not exactly sure.

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  3. […] though it doesn’t seem like spring is coming any time soon.  I think they turned out very close to the original inspiration.  You can see why I wanted to knit them in a cute pink or yellow, but I think the ice blue […]

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