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Whoops! March 2, 2009

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You may have noticed that I haven’t written anything in about a week.  I was in New Mexico visiting the family-in-law, including a mess of aunts and uncles.  Even some cousins!  Things were so busy and fun that I completely forgot to grab a laptop and post anything to the blog.  Posts will be closer to a normal schedule when I head to Virginia to visit my family at the end of the week.


We had so much fun in New Mexico (with a brief side trip up to Colorado.)  I’ve got plenty of pictures of yarn and knitting- at least, I think I do.  My father-in-law took most of them (he’s a great photographer,) so I have to figure out if we got copies on CD or on a file-share type thing.  I suppose I could call Lowell and find out, but that would take away from my knitting time.  Plus I’d have to find the phone.  I’ll get the photos for the next post.


I didn’t get a lot of knitting done on the trip, but I’m getting better at estimating how much yarn I’ll need.  I worked a little on my seamless cardigan- keyword “little”- and finished a pair of gloves.  I also dyed some yarn using the Knit Picks sock blanks and used that for a straight stockinette sock, which is about halfway done.  I’ll be posting about the sock blanks later this week.  I also started a pair of cotton socks, but they’re not turning out very well and I think they’re not long for this world.


Okay, now that I’ve laid out my plans for the week, I need to go work on the latest socks so that I can take a picture of them.  They go with a story from my trip.  Intrigued, aren’t you?


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