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Honeymoon Over February 6, 2009

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Well, that lasted a long time.




Seriously, cardigan?  Just ten rounds in?  That’s when you want to start fighting? 


Here’s what happened.  I cast on 301 stitches.  And I joined in the round, being very, very careful not to twist.  I checked three times.  No twist at any time.  Happy and content, I proceeded to work my way around.  Now, keep in mind that there was no twist in the cast on row, I swear.  However, after Round Ten, I noticed a distinct turn and a half in my knitting.  You can imagine my shock, especially having been so careful as to check multiple times before and after joining in the round.


There was nothing for it.  I had to rip the whole thing out.  Oh, it was mad about it.  It threw a hissy-fit about being frogged; tangling, sticking together, trying to grow extra ends to confuse me.  It took me almost an hour to untangle and re-ball that yarn.  Grrrrr.




This does not bode particularly well for the rest of the project.  Especially since when I cast on again and knit a few rows, I had another twist!  What is going on here?!  Is there no way to join without twisting in this mixed up world?  How many times do I have to check the cast on to make sure that it’s not twisted? 


I’m warning you, cardigan.  You’d better start knitting straight or I’ll felt you into nothingness, superwash or not.


5 Responses to “Honeymoon Over”

  1. niney Says:

    Oh man, i feel your pain!
    That has to be the absolute worst.
    At least you caught it when you did, It could have been much worse.
    Hope the third time’s the charm for you!

  2. beginning-knitter Says:

    oh, i hear you on that! i am so mad at myself right now i could cry i just twisted my project TWICE and had to unknit, and what is worse is that i can’t just frog quickly because i am knitting with mohair. i may just have to knit front and back separately until it is so absolutely clear that it can’t be twisted, and THEN join – so i will have to sew the very bottom sides. ugh

  3. niney Says:

    that’s exactly what i was going to suggest, you could CO to the circ and knit like an inch and then join it? that way if youfudge it and have to unknit or something you won’t have to start from scratch? then you’d only have like an inch on one side to seam.

    i’ve never knit with mohair, but i’ve used fuzzy yarn and it makes me want to scream.
    good luck 🙂

  4. […] So instead, I’ll give you an update on my cardigan.  You know, the one that’s given me so much trouble so far? […]

  5. Ellen Foell Says:

    i write a blog from time to time (mostly from time). haven’t for a while and need to start again. looked for and found your picture of yarn from Honeymoon Over. May I use it in my blog if I give you credit for it?

    Sure, you can use the photo if you’d like!

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