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Honeymoon February 3, 2009

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That, my friends, is the first seven rows of my not-so-beginner-friendly cardigan.  I can’t believe I’ve knit 7 rows already!  I’m a small knitter at heart; I knit socks and mittens and cat toys.  Even hats sometimes seem like too much of a commitment.  “I have to cast on how many stitches?!”  I always ask.  I’ve developed a strong dislike for the process of casting on.  It’s strange, because I remember that casting on was my favorite part as a kid.  Of course, back then I was using the backwards loop method instead of the long-tail cast on.  I loved the rhythm of casting on; I felt so capable and smart as the stitches flew onto my needle, lickety-quick.  But now it just seems like an annoying hurdle to jump over before the real fun can begin.


I think that my dislike of casting on stems from my sheer unadulterated hatred of chaining in crochet.  I like to crochet, but I could never count the chains accurately.  After having to rip out a chain of thirty, seventy, or one hundred stitches because I was 5 stitches short after the first row became really, really annoying.  I always seek out projects with very few chains at the beginning.


That, honestly, is one of the things that has kept me from starting a sweater or cardigan before now.  The thought of casting on two hundred to three hundred stitches for a sweater knit in the round was highly unappealing.  I have persevered, though, and as you can see below, I successfully cast on three hundred and one stitches last night.  So far, the cardigan and I are having a very nice honeymoon after the chore of casting on.  Things are moving along as fast as can be expected, the yarn is nice, and the needles are sharp.  And I haven’t miscrossed a cable, which is always a bonus.




Of course, it’s too warm outside to wear a light jacket, let alone a wool cardigan, but I’m in complete denial about that.  It’s February, it must be cold, right?  


2 Responses to “Honeymoon”

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