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Yarn Babbling January 22, 2009

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Ok, having carefully looked at my queue of projects and searched deep in my soul for the answers to life’s great questions, I have determined that, yes, I have enough time and sanity to knit a seamless raglan cardigan.  Not just any cardigan, mind you, a cardigan that will be designed mostly on the fly, a cardigan that will include my first sleeves, and a cardigan that will include my first steek.   Any sane person would choose a pattern already designed and written by a professional sweater-designer.  But me?  I like a challenge.  Apparently.


Also, have you noticed that “queue” is a really weird word?  I was trying to type it and I honestly couldn’t remember how to spell it.  It was inconceivable to me that it had “ueue” after the Q.  Shouldn’t there be some sort of silent consonant in there?  Maybe I should start spelling it “queuet.”  The T is silent. Isn’t that better?


So, the sweater/cardigan (it will start off life as a sweater before the *shudder* steek is cut up the center) will be knit from Knit Picks Swish Worsted, in Marine Heather.  I know that I come across as the world’s biggest Knit Picks junkie.  But I really like their yarns.  I think that they can’t be beat for a sturdy, good quality yarn for a low price.  I love many, many non-Knit Picks yarns (mm, Road to China.)  But I can’t afford them all the time.  Especially since, well, it takes a lot of skeins to make something that goes around my whole torso.


Aaaaaanyway.  I’m thinking that the cardigan will have some nice cabling details.  And if it turns out well, I’ll of course be publishing the pattern here.  Here’s hoping that that’s the case.


I mentioned some Misti Alpaca that my brother-in-law had bought me last time.  After Christmas, we drove up to Vancouver for a few days and we spent some time in the Granville Market.  Well, my mother-and brother-in-law spent more time than the rest of us, but that’s another story.  They stopped in at Maiwa, a fiber supply store.  This store is seriously cool.  All kinds of yarns, books, fibers, and dyes.  They had all natural dyes, too, from flowers and vegetables.  I almost bought some, but I don’t really do enough dyeing to justify a big tub of ground marigold or indigo.  The in-laws spent a while looking at different yarns, trying to decide what I’d like. 


What I got was some beautiful Skacel Adagio (70% llama, 30% silk)

 100_4142   100_4144


And some Misti Laceweight Alpaca (100% baby alpaca)



Actually, the second ball of Adagio wasn’t blue originally; it was gold, but when I went in to check out Maiwa for myself I couldn’t resist the combination of blues.  You know how I am with blues.  The laceweight presents an interesting quandary.  Do I try my hand at a lace shawl?  I’m not really a shawl-wearer.  I love the colors, though.  They’d be beautiful as a shawl.  The employee at the store recommended holding the yarn doubled and making a scarf, which is probably what I’ll do.  Shawl might be too much of a commitment right now, given my list of projects.


I also picked up some of this Fiesta Ballet (50% superfine alpaca, 50% Tencel) yarn which my mother-in-law pointed out to me:



This might be destined for a hat or something like that.  It’s crazily soft.  If I had more of it, I might have made it into a scarf too.


I love souvenir yarn shopping.


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  2. […] He has pretty good taste in yarn for a non-fiber-addict. He got me some Misti Alpaca lace-weight last winter.  He said that he looks for yarn that he would want to wear, something soft and cuddly.  […]

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