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Floodin’ Down in Snoqualmie January 8, 2009

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I am, of this moment, at the Starbucks at the top of the hill, very politely stealing their power.  See, my house has no power.  Because the river near our house has come seeking my soul.  It got a taste for my blood this summer when I fell out of my kayak and now it’s back for more!


Well, ok, maybe the flood has more to do with the massive amount of rain and the warm temperatures that are melting the snow in the mountains.  Maybe.  But I’m unconvinced.  I think it’s coming for me.


My house is really in no danger from the flooding, except that it’s knocked out our power.  We’re up a pretty big hill.  But the river is definitely flooding higher than it has before (it flooded a couple years ago, also knocking out our power.)  I hear we’re on the national news, even.


To give you an idea about the amount of water coming through my town, these are the Snoqualmie Falls.  A lovely waterfall and tourist attraction that we often take people too.  The falls are about 300 feet tall.



And this is Snoqualmie Falls yesterday.

 100_4230    100_4236


It’s nuts.  This is the lot where we bought our Christmas tree a few weeks ago:




You can even see the few tree that are left over floating on the left side.


Before the power outage, I was in the process of making PDFs of all my patterns for easier printing.  (Thanks for prompting me, ChristyH!)  I’ve finally found a program that does everything I want without all the things I don’t care about.  I’ll write more about that next time… hopefully without having to walk to the Starbucks to do so.


2 Responses to “Floodin’ Down in Snoqualmie”

  1. Wow, those falls look gorgeous. It’s totally worth braving flooding and disaster for access to beautiful sites like that!

    Kayaking is the bees knees. Totally in love with that, too.

  2. […] are my Salzburg socks.  I designed and knit them around Christmas, during a flood, and well into February.  (They went through a few iterations and color changes.  They […]

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