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Give Me My Yarn! December 16, 2008

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Remember that yarn that I said I ordered last week?  Remember how I said that I really, really needed it to start a project? 


It’s been bum-blisteringly cold here in western Washington.  It’s been cold everywhere recently, but we’re getting temperatures in the 20s which is really unusual for Seattle.


Well, my yarn got delivered on Saturday.  To my mailbox, not my porch, which is down at the end of the street.  The postwoman leaves a key in the mailbox that opens the special package locker.


The package locker is frozen shut.


Is this some sort of joke from the Knitter Gods?  Some sort of karmic retribution for not starting this project earlier or for my foolish confidence that I would complete all my other projects by Sunday? (Which didn’t happen, by the way.)  Or is this just bad, bad luck?


Sigh.  I think I’ll go down tomorrow and wait for the postwoman to open the locker for me. (She’s very punctual.)


3 Responses to “Give Me My Yarn!”

  1. Just do what we Minnesotans have to do to open our car doors in the winter: use a hairdryer and an extension cord. Of course, this past Monday even that wouldn’t work for some folks….

  2. Cobbalicious Says:

    Pour hot water over it? (Not recommended for car windows…)

  3. dailyskein Says:

    Luckily, I did run into the postwoman at the mailbox and she nicely retrieved my package for me. I was this close to trying the hot water trick, though! The hairdryer sounds very useful, but I don’t have an extension cord (or cords) anywhere near long enough to get from my house to the mailbox. It’s almost 2 blocks away. Now if only I had a battery-powered hairdryer…

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