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Stripes December 5, 2008

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Well, I didn’t get through all the knitting I took with me on my trip.  But I did get quite a bit done, including one complete self-striping sock!




Top-down, short row heel, standard toe.  I originally planned on doing a heel flap, but I was worried about what the gusset would do to the stripes.  I’ve decided that when I do the self-striping yarn again, I’m going to make the stripes wider.  Then the gusset should be okay.  I love the look of coordinating short row heels though, so I’m super happy with this sock.  It’s nothing too fancy construction-wise, but it was just perfect for traveling in the car or knitting while talking with people.  I think I’m going to dye some more for Christmas when my in-laws are here.  Maybe something in a cornflower and light purple…


100_4079   100_4081


Something really fun and interesting happened on the trip too, but I’ll write about that next time.  Got important things to do… like restocking the fridge with food and doing the laundry.


2 Responses to “Stripes”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    That’s the yarn you dyed yourself! It turned out great.

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