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Unexpected Interweaving! November 22, 2008

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I’ve been very busy for the last week.  I’m leaving town to visit my family for Thanksgiving and I won’t be home for a whole week!  Now, you’d think this wouldn’t take up so much of my time.  Wrap some presents, clean the house a little, trick a friend into checking in on the cats, and bing-bang-boom I’m done.  Well, as fellow knitters and crafters, you understand why this is not the case.


I have two five-hour plane flights there and back.  That, in and of itself, is prime knitting time!  Let’s not even mention the hours sitting around the house chatting with people or the inevitable downtime while waiting for so-and-so.  But I’m going to be separated from my stash and needles.  And, more importantly for me since I could technically sneak out to a LYS, I’ll be without my knitting books.  I love designing my own knits, but this occasionally leads to traveling problems.  I’m not the kind of designer that can sketch out a design and know exactly how it will knit up.  Usually I have to be knitting to figure out the design.  I don’t sketch on paper, I doodle with yarn.  At home this isn’t an issue because I have my seven thousand stitch libraries (ok, not that many) to look at.  If I don’t like how something is looking or the yarn isn’t behaving right, I just frog and start over.  That’s nearly impossible on the road!  Which is part of the reason I posted the links to the online stitch dictionaries; now I can find them when I’m out of town.


Why don’t I just knit someone else’s pattern while I’m traveling, you ask?  Well, right now there’s nothing really speaking to me.  I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.  I keep looking for an opportunity to knit some Cookie A. socks (she’s my hero!) but I never cast on for them.  I think the timing’s not quite right.  Plus, I get so much out of designing my own knits; it’s so much fun for me.  It’s a dilemma, it truly is.


So, I’ve been very busy winding balls of yarn, swatching, digging through my dictionaries and stash, and generally trying to do as much pre-designing as I can.  I’m hoping that with an unprecedented amount of swatching, I can write up a pattern and basically follow it without having to make changes on the road.  I’ve swatched for 2 pairs of socks, this weekend will be dedicated to doing a hat design, and I am bringing some Christmas items to knit that I don’t have to design. 


I’ve carefully plotted my projects to cover the whole spectrum.  I’ve got the very detailed, involved project for the plane rides. (As well as some new knitting podcasts!)  I’ve got the less complicated projects (other socks, Xmas items, hat) for downtime when I only want to refer to a chart occasionally.  Then there’s a pure stockinette pair of socks for knitting while I’m talking with people.  More on that last project later, the yarn is special.


So, yeah, busy.  My swift has started to make funny noises. I’m not kidding.  I’ve got to lubricate it, I think, but I’ve got to be careful to do it in a way that silicon lube won’t touch my pretty yarns when I’m done.  The swift I’ve got is this one, from Japan.  It’s served me well, I guess, but I lust after one of those beautiful wooden ones.  So pretty, so expensive.


Wait, where was I going with this?  Oh, right, I’ve been so busy that I forgot that the next issue of Interweave Knits is out!  I got the mail today and was haphazardly sorting through it and was floored to see Interweave Knits in the pile.  I squealed, I think.  I try to avoid looking at the preview on their website; I like to be surprised.  Which I was.  I haven’t opened it just yet, the anticipation is fun.  Hmm, maybe there’s something in there that I want to knit while I’m away…


And the mitten pattern is all written up, but I’ve had bad luck with the pictures.  Lowell and I are going on a photo shoot tomorrow morning, so check back and see if we got any good ones!


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